Dec. 26th, 2011

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 Today was not my day. Ugh.

My knee that I wrenched on Thursday night is still giving me fits.  

I went to Hallmark to pick up a few things and the store had literally been wiped.   I did get what I was looking for so it wasn't a big deal, but geez. I thought I would look over the Christmas cards and paper, but unless I wanted Peanuts there was nothing left.

I then tried to go to the UPS store to send a parcel to my bestie and the dude behind the counter insisted she didn't exist because her address and zip we're not being reconigized by their computer.  I know she exists because I just got an amazing present from her!  I got ticked and took my package back. I will try again tomorrow.

Stupidly I thought I would hit up Panera for a couple sweet onion and poppyseed bagels. They are so delicious there are no words!!!  They had four left so I decided to buy them all.  The counter girl proceeds to drop one of them on the floor. I was heartbroken. Ugh. I got three, but still what a total waste of bagel.

My brother then rang me with his buzz kill domestic problems. I get so tired of hearing about. I have a very simple solution to that problem, but no listens to me.

At least my extra coffee caramel frappe was made correctly and wasn't too runny.

Then I got an email telling me my new laptop has been shipped!!!!!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Then I


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