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I was asked to serve on a thesis committee this spring for an English student. This is the second committee in as many years.

I'm super stoked! Not only is it about comic books (Crisis on Infinite Earths and its impact on comic book structure and storytelling), but it being defended by a female and it is for the English Dept!

My English Dept where I got my BA and MA! *squee* I've been waiting for the day those folks finally got with the program and learned that comics do deserve serious scholarly treatment. So many comics are straight up literature (I'm happy to offer recs!).

This is also a HUGE deal for my job title/classification/status. Per my job description I'm entry level with a job description that is basically static. I actually perform just under faculty librarian status work (or three/four pay grades above where I am). Serving on thesis committees help justify the change when my job status comes up for review. My new dept head is trying to get my job changed to actually reflect the level of work I actually do (and hopefully the pay as well). No other staff member has served and I know of only one faculty librarian who has been asked. So this is pretty huge.

So go excuse me while I go continue my nerdgasm. :)

Date: 2012-02-01 03:16 am (UTC)
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Omg, that is so awesome!!!

And good on the new boss for trying to get your title changed. And very long overdue, I say.


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