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I thought weekends were supposed to be restful, but I'm finding more and more that I get less and less me time on Saturday and Sunday.  I do not approve of this at all.  Work has been exhausting me to the point I can barely stay awake past 10pm on a Friday.  That is sad.

Saturday was busy.  I slept in a bit, but I had to get up and straighten up a bit before W came to clean my house.  I also had to make some  walnut fudge for my brother before he murdered me.  He was kind enough to drive me around for the few errands I had to run.  I did make the comment to as we were out and about that if was late April or May I would be worried about the very ugly dark clouds gathering to our west.  Well, turns out I was right about those clouds.  No sooner had we gotten home then there was a terrible clap of thunder, the wind got up and it started to snow like a dog.   It snowed hard enough for about an hour to cover everything but the streets.  It was gone shortly there after. :(  There was dinner to be made, but I cheated and got a store rotisserie chicken.

Sunday was no better.  It was cold as crap and windy.  That meant my knee ached all day.  There was the weekly trip to the grocery store and I had to fill up the car so I could get to work.  Seriously $55 for gas?!?!  That is outfreakingragious!    Then I had to come home and do laundry.  My brother had the washer and dryer tied up all day Saturday doing his laundry and washing my father's clothes so I couldn't get a head start on it like I usually do.  There was also the business of 60 cookies and cream cupcakes.  I got them all done and they're pretty.  I also cooked dinner after all the baking and decorating.  I also had to do a good cleaning of the kitchen and get the trash out for weekly pick up on Monday.  I wanted to do that tonight so I didn't have to struggle with it in the morning because I've got a ton crap to carry out to the car in the morning.

*keels over dead*

I need one weekend where I don't do anything, go anywhere or move for my knee to stop hurting.   That will never happen.

And now The Walking Dead is back but Downton Abbey isn't over yet and I don't have DVR.  Argh.
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I was asked to serve on a thesis committee this spring for an English student. This is the second committee in as many years.

I'm super stoked! Not only is it about comic books (Crisis on Infinite Earths and its impact on comic book structure and storytelling), but it being defended by a female and it is for the English Dept!

My English Dept where I got my BA and MA! *squee* I've been waiting for the day those folks finally got with the program and learned that comics do deserve serious scholarly treatment. So many comics are straight up literature (I'm happy to offer recs!).

This is also a HUGE deal for my job title/classification/status. Per my job description I'm entry level with a job description that is basically static. I actually perform just under faculty librarian status work (or three/four pay grades above where I am). Serving on thesis committees help justify the change when my job status comes up for review. My new dept head is trying to get my job changed to actually reflect the level of work I actually do (and hopefully the pay as well). No other staff member has served and I know of only one faculty librarian who has been asked. So this is pretty huge.

So go excuse me while I go continue my nerdgasm. :)
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I finally remembered to take pictures as I baked something!

Oven-fried cornbread is one of my specialties. My father's mother taught my mother how to make this and in turn my mother taught me. So now I am sharing with y'all!

How to make a pone of oven-fried cornbread )

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 Today was not my day. Ugh.

My knee that I wrenched on Thursday night is still giving me fits.  

I went to Hallmark to pick up a few things and the store had literally been wiped.   I did get what I was looking for so it wasn't a big deal, but geez. I thought I would look over the Christmas cards and paper, but unless I wanted Peanuts there was nothing left.

I then tried to go to the UPS store to send a parcel to my bestie and the dude behind the counter insisted she didn't exist because her address and zip we're not being reconigized by their computer.  I know she exists because I just got an amazing present from her!  I got ticked and took my package back. I will try again tomorrow.

Stupidly I thought I would hit up Panera for a couple sweet onion and poppyseed bagels. They are so delicious there are no words!!!  They had four left so I decided to buy them all.  The counter girl proceeds to drop one of them on the floor. I was heartbroken. Ugh. I got three, but still what a total waste of bagel.

My brother then rang me with his buzz kill domestic problems. I get so tired of hearing about. I have a very simple solution to that problem, but no listens to me.

At least my extra coffee caramel frappe was made correctly and wasn't too runny.

Then I got an email telling me my new laptop has been shipped!!!!!  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Then I

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I dusted off my dreamwith account so if anyone wants to add me or give me your journal name and I'll hunt you down... 

I'm doing the same with my [personal profile] pud_fic  account. 

I will always cross-post/archive/whatever.


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